[hey there]

so i did it.

i finally took the tumblr plunge.

or shall we say i took a “tumble” down the rabbit hole - because in all honesty that’s exactly what this is.

it’s an intricate, mystical world of creativity, passion and enlightenment. a place where you can forget reality for a moment, or two, and revel in the simplest joys of one’s imagination. i happen to have quite an expansive one at that…

but hey, not everyone is into that sorta thing. & i’m no pusher, so if you’re not one of my fellow dreamers - more of the analytical, play-by-the-rules type - feel free to follow along with my reality via @kelly_ahern.

[however i can’t promise it will be nearly as inspiring.]

…but if you crave adventure. have only the highest expectations and believe nothing is more important than steadfast ambition, journey with me in search of the most unforgettable incessant moments.




in reality this is just a bunch of shit i think is cool. for some reason or another it caught my eye. or perhaps struck a chord deep inside. nonetheless this is all for me. yes, i know. quite selfish, isn’t it?